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Welcome to the Norse Environmental Services, Inc. Website.


Norse Environmental Services has been in operation for 25 years initially designing subsurface sewage disposal systems and now specializing in Massachusetts’s environmental regulation.   Massachusetts has the most stringent and evolving wetland protection regulations in the country.  In addition many towns have local regulations that increase the environmental protection.  These regulations often overlap, and sometimes contradict each other.  Permitting for even the simplest projects may be a daunting task to the average homeowner and we are here to help.


We provide our services throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts but primarily concentrate in the Merrimack Valley.  It is our intent to perform cost effective and efficient assistance to homeowners, developers, engineers, and others involved in the regulatory process, to assist you in gaining approvals on your project in strict compliance with all of the various regulations that govern work within or near wetland areas.


Our staff includes Certified Wetland Scientists, Certified Soil Scientists, Licensed Soil Evaluators, Foresters, Botanists, Registered Sanitarians, Real Estate Brokers and Licensed Construction Supervisors. We are associated with numerous survey and engineering firms that we offer support to, and who provide valuable assistance to us. These professionals include structural and civil engineers, sanitary engineers, surveyors, photogramatists, water chemists, hazardous waste specialists, wildlife specialists, herpetologists and others.


It is our hope that this website will be a convenient resource to you in providing links to various state, local and private agencies.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


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